Driving Skills for Life

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Required State of Ohio Driver Education Course for Teens who wish to obtain their license before they turn 18.

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Teen Driver Ed Traditional Class Package

24 hours class plus 8 hours driving

You may begin class as early as 15 years and 5 months old. The State Course includes 24 Hours Classroom plus 8 hours Driving.

Traditional classes: Teen Classroom Schedule. There are six sessions of four hours each (24 hours total). The classes are (usually) three classes per week and run two consecutive weeks. If you miss any class(es) they can be made up as early as two weeks later at no extra charge. You need to attend all six lessons, L1-L6.
Evening classes begin at 4:30pm, afternoon classes at noon or 1pm.

Teen Driver Ed Online Class Package

24 hours online plus 8 hours driving

Once registered, you may begin the online course right away (at least 15 years and 5 months old). The online course is completed at your pace. Just a few minutes at a time or up to 4 hours in a 24 hour period. It is available for laptop or home computer. There are videos and quizzes throughout the course to keep you focused on learning. 

Driving Only Teens or Adult

8 hours Driving (online elsewhere)

The state of Ohio allows you to complete the online course with any of the approved providers. We offer the 8 hours of driving if you have chosen another provider.
You will receive the same expert Behind the Wheel training as any student who chooses Officers.
We offer home or school pick up in Wayne county. The 8 hours is conducted as 4 separate 2 hour lessons.

For adults, over 18, we offer 2 hour lessons or the same 8 hour package.